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How to Remove your Threads account right from Instagram | In 2023

Meta, the company behind Instagram, is gearing up to roll out an exciting Threads feature. This upcoming update will allow users to delete their Threads accounts independently, without any impact on their Instagram accounts. It’s a welcome development for those who use both platforms and seek enhanced control over their online presence.

Threads, an offering by Meta launched back in July, saw remarkable success, garnering millions of downloads within just five days of its debut. Designed to rival Twitter, Threads offered a seamless integration with Instagram, allowing users to effortlessly create Threads accounts using their Instagram login credentials, making the experience much more convenient.

However, there was a significant drawback that frustrated users: deleting a Threads account also meant losing the linked Instagram account. This limitation concerned many users, as it hindered their ability to manage their Threads presence without affecting their Instagram account.

The good news is that Meta is actively listening to user feedback and plans to resolve this issue by year-end. Meta’s Chief Privacy Officer for Products acknowledged the complexity of this change but emphasized the company’s commitment to ensuring users have control over their deletion rights.

The forthcoming feature will empower Threads users with more control over their accounts and privacy. They’ll be able to delete their Threads account or take other actions like deactivation, setting it to private, or even deleting specific threads—all while preserving their Instagram account.

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