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Europe’s Top-ranking Happiest Country Unveiled

According to the latest data from the EU’s stats agency, Austria takes the crown as the happiest country among the 27-member bloc. They scored a solid 7.9 out of 10 in Eurostat’s yearly quality of life report based on surveys across member states. On the flip side, Bulgaria trailed with the lowest score of 5.6 in overall life satisfaction. Poland, Finland, and Romania followed closely, all sharing the second spot with a score of 7.7 out of 10.

Eurostat, the stats agency, aims to grasp how Europeans feel about life. They found that on average, EU citizens rate their lives at 7.1 out of 10, considering factors like education, family, and financial stability—not just wealth. Surprisingly, countries like Romania and Poland, once associated with low incomes, now boast high life satisfaction, revealing the intricate link between well-being and economic status.

Italy, Spain, and France, big shots in the EU, all hit around the 7.1 average for Europe. Surprisingly, Germany didn’t fare too well in the survey, ranking among the unhappiest countries, just ahead of Bulgaria, with a score of 6.5. Last year, Germany scored 7.1 in the 2021 figures.

The study doesn’t exactly pinpoint why Germans might be feeling less satisfied, but it aligns with other polls showing a general dip in the country’s mood. Another survey from the Rheingold Institute revealed only 22% feeling like “committed optimists” while 29% were labeled as “contented moderates.” About 20% expressed being overwhelmed by anxiety, and 9% seemed uninterested and withdrawn. The concerns seem tied to economic stagnation, the Ukraine conflict, and immigration issues.

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