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Emerging Virus Mimicking Malaria Discovered Circulating Previously Unseen

Hey, did you hear about this new thing in Peru? There’s this virus causing symptoms like malaria, but it’s something totally new. This guy in his twenties got really sick—fever, chills, headaches, the works. Doctors couldn’t figure out what was up until they dug into it in the lab. Turns out, it’s a whole new virus they’ve never seen before. Crazy, right?

So, this virus they found in Peru belongs to a group called phleboviruses. They’re the ones behind feverish illnesses like malaria and this other serious thing called Rift Valley fever, which can get really bad—bleeding from your mouth, ears, eyes, you name it.

These viruses usually get around through insect bites, like from sandflies, mosquitoes, or ticks. There are loads of them, like 66 different types, and nine have been causing trouble in Central and South America. But in Peru, they’ve only found three so far—Echarate, Maldonado, and Candiru viruses. It’s pretty wild how these things spread, isn’t it?

In 2019, they found this virus at Hospital De La Merced Chanchamayo, and guess what? It’s unlike anything they’ve seen before. They figured out it’s this totally new virus created by two other viruses swapping bits of DNA—kind of like a genetic mash-up.

These researchers wrote about it in the journal Emerging Infectious Diseases, warning that this new virus is probably already hanging out in the jungles of Peru. They’re stressing the need to keep an eye on it, you know, monitoring it closely.

What’s tricky is that this new disease acts a lot like other tropical diseases, so spotting it might not be easy. It’s like trying to find a needle in a haystack!

They’re saying there’s this new version of the ECHV virus hanging out in the jungles of central Peru. And get this, the symptoms it causes are a lot like dengue, malaria, and other diseases you often find in tropical areas.

That’s why they’re stressing the need for continuous monitoring—keeping an eye out for new bugs like this one. It’s not just about the locals’ health but also the folks from the US who are stationed there. Gotta make sure everyone stays healthy and safe, you know?

We’ve gotta do some serious digging to see how far this new variant has spread in the region and figure out which critters are spreading it around. It’s all about keeping our troops safe and healthy, whether they’re on the clock or off-duty.

Over in the UK, health bigwigs are urging doctors to keep an eye on folks with fevers. They’re on the lookout for any new diseases cropping up. It’s all part of looking out for everyone’s well-being, you know?

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